lubmmbpiclogoworld1As many people may or may not know, #LUBMMA has for many years been a 100% Non Profit advocate for increasing MMA  athlete pay (and more recently WMMA).

We have sponsored athletes and promotions from the UFC, Bellator, InvictaFC across to regional circuits around the world in an attempt to help subsidize athletes pay.

lubmmbpiclogousa1After a while however the very small group of people tirelessly contributing their own funds to the cause, began to realize the issue was simply to large to just throw money at, especially once the Reebok deal with the UFC came into play.

Even with the amazing support we have in the community who “get it” and have  helped in our mission, by spreading our message and awareness for making a better MMA future through our work…

So we began and have found better ways in addition to our normal sponsorship routes to help by creating community projects lubmmanonprofitinvolving fighters, other sponsors,  promotions, managers and fans, and pushing athletes on social platforms where we can to raise their profiles within the MMA community with the help of all of the above mentioned parties. (This in turn raises their pay as their profile is raised).

We also now produce many behind the scenes assistance projects, and take on others on requests, which are not in the public eye but still carry our same mission statement. (keeping in mind we still run a very small team)

So in order to maximize many of our new projects we have partnered with multiple other groups. And due to this, although we run the mexdaily BAU, and have now made an automated ‘choose your news’ site like a flip board or apple reader style format to cover all mma content and free up a lot of staff time.

We still felt it better to rename our website to a neutral name so that the “HUB” did not feel like anyone was in charge of any particular project that may fall under its banner in the process down the line. ie. a FighterDojo project may have more than one party involved beyond LUB-MMA.

After all, the whole point of what we do is about logonz1#COMMUNITYUNITY and helping ANYONE in the MMA industry. #MMAUNITY.

It’s not for us, we don’t sell or produce any thing to purchase! We literally give away money and our time for free.




So while we will definitely keep our LUB-MMA  brand as its well recognized and trusted.




And a lot of effort has gone into making it something people are proud of over the years. At the end of the day, the work is the most important part, and speaks more than any logo or image seen on an athlete… hence the DoJo for group projects!




So if you think there is a project that we can assist with that’s going to help make mma/wmma better somehow ,  simply let us know and we will always be interested in taking a look and seeing how we can help pitch in and play our part!

Enjoy the fights everyone, and fight prepared and safe!














LUB-MMA FighterDoJo