TEAM MMA 4 LIFE – What is it? Who Are they?



Team MMA 4 Life – So what is it and who are they?

Well it’s a REALLY simple one to answer with 2 questions!

If you like MMA and have a TWITTER account, then you probably already speak to or deal with one of their members and might not even know it! 🙂

It’s free it’s easy and the best part? You get to meet people who love MMA simply by having a recognisable #hashtag in your bio!

The group is twitter-icontwitter based and you will find well over a thousand members all sharing the same passion for mixed martial arts. To join in, simply add the #TeamMMA4LIFE (or #TMMA4L) hashtag into your twitter “BIO” & we also recommend you start following irena_n89 or TOONTOWNMMA so they can introduce you to some of the locals!

This let’s others know you are an MMA fan and may even be in the pick em group (but at the least LIKE MMA and discuss it) And they will follow you and in turn you should follow them back and this will introduce you to their #TMMA4L friends and they will be able to see yours etc…

dan-the-hangman-tmma4lIt’s a very simple and great way to build a strong community fan base for MMA and have some great connections to people within the industry. You will find many Fighters, Sponsors, video shows, news sites, radio shows, and even gyms are involved in the group.

The only rules that apply are common sense, be polite. Naturally when dealing with large numbers of people not everyone will get along, but we are all adults, so simply ignore or unfollow that person. Please KEEP IN MIND BLOCKING PEOPLE makes it HARD when forming group chats so this is STRONGLY discouraged. Just ignore someone if you can’t get along (or use the mute feature!) If you ever have any issues within the group you can also raise them with the two above people ( irena_n89 or TOONTOWNMMA ) and they can usually assist with any issues or concerns you may have, remember if they don’t know they can’t help 🙂